Family law


Family law

Family cases make up a specific category of case due to the high level of emotions that they evoke in parties to the proceedings.

In such situations, representation by a professional attorney has an undoubtedly positive impact on the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of proceedings. A ‘cold’ perspective and emotional objectivity is particularly helpful in assessing the situation, determining an appropriate procedural strategy and responding skilfully to unexpected actions from the other party.

Family cases, and in particular divorce cases, are one of the main specialities of attorney legal counsel Bartosz Kowalak and legal counsel Joanna Jędrzejewska.

Our main fields of activity in terms of family law are:

  • divorce and separation (at-fault divorce, no-fault divorce, appeal for the eviction of a spouse, etc.)
  • cases involving the division of joint assets (settlement of unequal shares of joint assets, settlement of expenditure, etc.)
  • alimony cases and the repeal of alimony obligations (child alimony, spouse alimony, etc.)
  • cases for the determination or refutation of paternity
  • cases concerning the determination child contact
  • cases concerning parental authority
  • incapacitation cases