Criminal law


Criminal law

Attorney law firm manages criminal defence proceedings.

Within this branch of the law we represent clients at every stage of the proceedings, i.e. pre-trial proceedings (hereinafter referred to as prosecution), the process before the Court of First Instance, appeals proceedings and also, in specific cases, cassation and enforcement proceedings. Practice and professional experience has shown that a defence lawyer should be present at the earliest possible stage of pre-trial proceedings lead by the prosecutor’s office. More often than not it is during this stage that procedural events occur that determine the further course of the case, i.e. decisions are made regarding the specific content of allegations (or further indictments) or proceedings are discontinued (in the event that the prosecutor does not file an indictment).

It is for this reason that, during pre-trial proceedings, we are involved in all the procedural steps in which the presence of a defence lawyer is permitted.

We work primarily in the city of Poznań and in localities situated in the immediate proximity of Poznań; however, if necessary we also attend proceedings in other areas of the country.

From amongst a broad range of criminal cases, in particular we deal with:

  • road offences (road accidents, driving whilst intoxicated or whilst under the influence of narcotics, etc.)
  • offences that threaten the life or health of others (assault and battery, causing damage to human health, abortion, endangerment of the life or health of others, etc.)
  • domestic and care offences (domestic violence, the physical or mental abuse of family members, persistent refusal to pay alimony);
  • offences against the freedom of others (criminal threats, blackmail, stalking, etc.)
  • offences against the honour and bodily integrity of others (defamation, insult, violation of bodily integrity, etc.)
  • offences against the activity of state institutions (bribery, paid protection, etc.)
  • data protection offences (unlawful obtention of information, destruction or damage of computer data, interference with computer systems, etc.);
  • document credibility offences (forgery, false documents, etc.)
  • property offences (theft, burglary, robbery, extortion, misappropriation, fraud, computer fraud, etc.)
  • economic offences (“white collar” offences, credit fraud, acts detrimental to creditors, offences relating to insolvency law, etc.)
  • offences set out in the Law dated 29 July 2005 on the counteraction of drug addiction (production, trafficking, trade and possession of narcotics)
  • offences related to the violation of copyright, trademarks, utility models and patents

The law firm also represents clients involved in minor offences. The most common of these include:

  • road safety offences (driving a vehicle whilst under the influence of alcohol, unauthorised vehicle use, violation of speed limits, etc.)
  • property offences (theft or misappropriation, handling of stolen goods)
  • offences against other persons (malicious disturbance, dog-baiting, breach of parental/carer obligations)