Polish-german cases


Polish-german cases

Our law firm, in cooperation with the Berlin-based attorney Semir Al Lami, offers legal assistance for cases involving both Polish law and German law.

In particular, our law firm provides assistance in cases involving:

Compensation for accidents in Germany

During your stay in the Federal Republic of Germany you may have been involved in an accident on the road, which may have resulted in personal injury or loss of property. You would then generally have to seek compensation from a German insurance company or the party that caused the incident.

Debt collection and enforcement in Germany

Our firm offers its services with regard to the recovery of assets from unreliable debtors. Debtors often rely on the fact that problems involved in overcoming the legal and language barriers can deter creditors from pursuing claims in Germany. For that same reason, it is often sufficient to seek assistance from a law firm operating in Germany. In the absence of voluntary payment, our firm offers its assistance in representing clients before German courts and court enforcement officers.